How To Manage Talent in Federal Agencies

How To Manage Talent in Federal Agencies

Originally posted on GovLoop 

The demographic of government is rapidly changing, as the Baby Boomer’s near retirement federal agencies need to continue to execute their strategies around human capital. One key area of human capital is recruiting and cultivating talent, which is a critical part of retaining the most innovative and talented employees within the federal government. Talent management involves a thorough analysis within the agency. In particular, agencies need to identify and match the skills needed to accomplish the agencies’ most critical objectives.

Agencies can start the talent management process by identifying the most critical projects, the skills needed to meet desired goals, identify strategies to acquire the right talent, and then move to grow talented employees. All along the way, the agency is tasked with keeping employees motivated and challenged. With competition coming from the private and non-profit sector, managing talent is no easy task for agencies. By developing a smart human capital plan, agencies can keep their most talented individuals around and not see a brain drain to seemingly greener pastures.

I thought of a few ideas below that will aide agencies in their talent management strategies, and would love to hear what agencies have done.

1 – Provide Trainings & Professional Development Resources
2 – Provide Work that Impacts Professional Growth
3 – High Level and Engaging Projects
4 – Work Connects People, Allows them to Grow their Network
5 – Working in a Challenging & Stimulating Environment
6 – Provide Access to Mentors
7 – Quickly Provide Opportunities for Leadership
8 – Pay Attention that Employees are the Right Cultural Fit
9 – Sympathetic to Work/Life Balance
10 – Open & Honest Two-Way Communication

There are a lot of different ways to approach talent management. Again, I’d love to hear what strategies you have used and what has worked in your agency. What also seems apparent to me is that talent is a two-way street. The employee needs to be willing to grow and learn, even when things aren’t perfect and work is tough. Everyone needs to attach themselves to the organization, its’ mission and make a commitment to the team – in the end by making a commitment to the agency, all professional, personal and organizational goals can all be met.


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