GovLoop Blog Update

As previously mentioned, I have moved my blog over to GovLoop. If you would like to check out my posts, please take a look at my profile. I periodically share my links and posts over here, so here are the links to a few of my last few posts:

Are Large Public Organizations Manageable?

Daily Dose: Does Your Workplace Stifle Innovation?

CitySandbox Launched: Q & A for Civic Action

Daily Dose: Renewed Vow for Equal Pay Law Enforcement

Should Government Be Run Like a Business?

Daily Dose: Another Transit Shutdown Crisis Brewing

GovLaunch: White House Announces “We the People”

Daily Dose: Upgrades on the way for USA Jobs

Live Blogging CFC Leadership Conference: Opening Session

CFC Live Blogging, General Session: John Lazar, Executive Director

CFC Live Blogging: Success Stories, Maura Harty from Make-A-Wish Foundation

CFC Live Blogging: Kimberly Munoz, Executive Director, Quality of Life Foundation

Post Office on Brink of Default

Daily Dose: Supercommittee Tasked with meeting Deficit Cuts

Local Government: Is Consolidation an Answer to Financial Woes?

Wolfram Data Summit, Thomas Lee of Sunlight Labs: Measuring Influence

Wolfram Data Summit: Timothy Vaughan, PatientsLikeMe

Wolfram Data Summit: Lynn Etheredge, Director: Rapid Learning Project, George Washington University

Wolfram Data Summit: Ian O’Brien, Branch Chief of the US Census Bureau

Wolfram Data Summit: Alan Vander Mallie, From

Wolfram Data Summit: Derek Stanford, State Representative, Washington State

Wolfram Data Summit Day 2: James Powell, CTO Thomson Reuters

GovLaunch: NASA Sends Unmanned Spacecraft to the Moon

GovBytes: Is the PC era coming to an end?

GovLoop PMF Guide: Managing the Application Process

Daily Dose: Secret Service Ready for a Busy 2012

GovLaunch: Obama Administration Releases Update on Open Government Initiative

GovLaunch: USAID Famine, Drought, War (FWD) Initiative

Local Gov IBM Report: Smarter, Faster, Cheaper


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