Blog Moved to GovLoop

Typically I posts all my blog posts on GovLoop and here – lately I have just been posting to GovLoop. So, I have not stopped blogging, just have found GovLoop as a more effective way to blog. I am going to make an effort to remember to keep cross posting, but GovLoop is now my primary spot for my blog.

Here are my last few posts on GovLoop:

Open Government: Period or Dot Dot Dot?

Managing and Protecting Information on Social Networks  

Poor City Management: City Accidently Hires Couple

GovHelp: Q & A Default and Federal Workers 

Lessons Learned: A Conversation on Getting Big Projects Done

Great Social Media Lessons From the DoD All Service Social Media Conference

GovHelp: How Can DoD Avoid Raising Fees for Military Employees

GovLaunch: E – Neighborhood Watch Now Covers Half of the United States

GovTech: New Facebook App Connects Citizens to Government

DailyDose: 3,600 More Post Offices Under Review

FOSE Conference: Meet IBM’s Watson

Has Social Media Made Us Lazy?










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