Spring 2011 Semester Update

So far this has been an incredible semester. Class are challenging, but are going really well. With my MPA program only being one year, I wanted to get more involved this semester and soak up the experience.

Current Academic Projects

Two projects that I have been working on this semester are developing a funding strategy for a local non-profit, the Near West Side Initiative (NWSI) and researching corporate sector social media and deriving best practices for government.

The work with the NWSI has been awesome. My class was just assigned our group work and topics we will be researching. My topics are funding strategies for workforce development initiatives and community donations. I really can’t wait to see what kind of deliverables the project produces, it’s an exciting project to be a part of.

The social media project is just starting to really pick up. For the first few weeks the research team was more concerned about collecting data and research corporations, rather than looking speficially at organizations and the social media content they produce. This week we are starting to write narratives about the organizations social media program, set-up interviews with social media directors and start to derive what is working for organizations and what is not. We will then link it all back to government and present to a group of Maxwell students in the Executive Masters of Public Administration program. It’s a lot of really interesting work, and I am thrilled I got to be part of the research team.

We Live NY Summit

A volunteer project that I have become involved in is the We Live NY Summit. The We Live NY Summit is devoted to showcasing how young adults have found purpose and are making progress in New York. It’s an awesome event and will take place March 24-26 at Cornell University. I have been helping out to develop a Gov 2.0 seminar and recruiting Maxwell classmates to attend the conference.

Orange – Husky Productions

In the fall of 2010, Orange-Husky Productions was created by a close friend at Maxwell and myself. Orange-Husky produces short video promos for student organizations on campus, free of charge. The videos are a lot of fun to put together, and if you want to check out our work, here is the link to the COMPAS YouTube Channel. The Coalition of Multicultural Public Administration Students (COMPAS) is an organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of minority students within the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. You can also follow them on Twitter @COMPAStweet, they host a lot of great fundraisers and programs at Maxwell.

The videos are a fun way to get students talking about events on campus and encouraging participation. We are currently working on a documentary for Policy Students for Fiscal Sustainability (PSFS), a fantastic student organization that is encouraging my generation to work towards solutions to our current national budget crisis.  They have an event coming up in April, more details to come! I am also planning on sitting down with some members and talking to them about how to use social media to help promote their organization. They have a great blog you should check out and you can follow them on Twitter @OurBudgets and on Facebook.


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