Spring Semester Preview

I have enjoyed every second of my time at Maxwell. It is incredible to think that I am already halfway done with the MPA program. I am currently on an epic break from classes. Break started on December 15th and classes do not start up again until January 18th. I’ve really enjoyed the break and the holiday season so far. These last few weeks of break will be all about gearing up for the semester and starting the job hunt. I finish up at Maxwell in July 2011.

I am really looking forward to next semester. I am taking a little heavier course load than last semester, but certainly feel everything is manageable. I will also be continuing my research with Professor Mergel. I will also be doing more research of private sector social media use. Another great thing about next semester is the amount of guest speakers. Between my Networked Governance and Metropolitan Governance courses, I will hear a guest speaker nearly every week. Definitely have an exciting semester coming up and can’t wait to get started later this month and share some of my experiences.

So here is the lineup:

1) Non-Profit Financial Management

2) Metropolitan Government and Politics

3) Fund Development for Non-Profits

4) Networked Governance

5) Quantitative Analysis


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