There goes October..

What a great month! The highlight for me certainly was a group of my friends buying me tickets to go see Bob Dylan on Nov. 6 in Rochester, can’t wait for the show next weekend. I haven’t been able to blog nearly as often as I would like, grad school has dominated my life – in a very good way.

One of my classes, New Media Management, focuses on the public sectors use of web technologies. I have also been doing quite a bit of research on social media performance metrics for the public sector. From my past work using social media, I have found that social media is more than just a communications tool. When I was implementing and writing a social media strategy for a non-profit last year, I learned a lot how we could improve internal processes and develop better practices to achieve our mission. The answer wasn’t always by “tweeting” more or creating a fan page on Facebook – sometimes it was just realizing that we needed to collect data more efficiently from donors.

When you’re writing a social media plan, you are really auditing your organizations practices. Social media strategies sometimes shed light on larger organizational issues – do not be afraid to confront them, or else your whole social media strategy is in jeopardy from the onset. I’d be real interested if anyone has had similar experiences, please leave a comment!



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