Songs I’ve kept on Repeat

Couple songs have been stuck in my head lately, surprisingly none of them come from Blood on the Tracks/Desire/Blonde on Blonde – traditionally regarded as Dylan’s three best albums and his “peak” as an artist. I have a tough time ranking Dylan albums, Blood on the Tracks is usually in the running for number one. I am a big fan of Planet Waves The Times They are a-Changin and The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, all three albums sometimes creep into the mix for number one.

I have always thought that Dylan is at his best when it is just him and his guitar. Dylan never gets enough credit for how good of a guitar and harmonica player he is. His talent on guitar/harmonica is typically overshadowed by his songwriting and/or written off because of his voice (shame!). I’d say this is especially true of my generation.

One more quick point, I just finished up watching No Direction Home and the documentary made me realize that if I was around when Dylan went electric, I would have been one of the fans who felt betrayed. I love his early songs when he is singing IN tune and finger picking on guitar. Then again, who doesn’t love the Hammond organ and The Band playing behind Dylan. It’s this contradiction that makes Dylan the best.

Anyways, I’ve hinted at quite a few future blog posts – here is the list:

  • Dink’s Song
  • Lay Down Your Weary Tune
  • Eternal Circle
  • Forever Young
  • Only a Pawn in Their Game
  • With God on Our Side
  • When I Paint My Masterpiece
  • Walls of Red Ring
  • If You Gotta Go, Go Now.

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